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I think a lot of us are stuck in the old way of doing things. The lightening speed of the changes in new technologies in almost too much to absorb. It all seems too complicated, so we just learn how to turn it off and on and don‚??t stretch out much past that. You were forced into getting a cell phone, using the ATM and now look at you, you are reading this on the internet. So you do move forward but how forward thinking are you when presented with something new? Are you going willingly, do you give things a try when introduced or will you wait until your are forced? In the past 10 years there is major changes in roofing products. Think about it, until 30 years ago were still putting on built up roofing like our fore-fathers did. Now we‚??ve got synthetic underlayments, hybrid underlayments, EPDM, TPO, PVE, KEE and coatings that would have kept the titanic afloat. Next time your roofing supplier invIt's you to a demo of the newest thing are you going to go? If you go and It'seems viable will you try it, or will you just put the literature in the filing cabinet? Let‚??s just save it for later and go about using That'same old product with the same old way of applying it? Is it that you hate to use your next project as a guinea pig? Is it the time that it will take for the learning curve? Is it just the reading of directions on the package that you can‚??t do? The problem is with waiting until you HAVE to use it. Now your customer wants it and now your really are behind. Another problem is that whippersnapper competitor doing business down the street, you know the one ‚?? the guy that uses an iPad for estimating, has already been using that new roofing product. There is only one thing left to do ‚?? Dinosaurs unite and try something new.
Category: Roofing Post By: IAN GRIFFITH (Vacaville, CA), 02/19/2018

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