Forum Title: Every get hit by a sudden storm?
This happened to me last week. We were in the middle of a big job, sun was shining, about 76 out. Perfect weather for roofing and then a breeze kicked in. We were loving it. But with in 10 minutes, the temp dropped. Still sun shining... and only a few minutes later, the sky was pitch black and we got hit with a massive thunderstorm. No one saw it coming and we nearly didn't get everything covered in time. It was awful.
Category: Roofing Post By: MAURICE KELLER (West Jordan, UT), 02/17/2018

Once or twice but it wasn't too bad. We weren't planning on it raining and it snuck up but we had time to get everything in order.

- SAM ESTRADA (Middletown, CT), 03/20/2018

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- VANESSA CALDWELL (El Monte, CA), 04/08/2018

It happens from time to time. You‚ve got to be aware of situations like these. The thing I like best is it gets me away from work. It‚s a great excuse to sit in my truck.

- EMMA SALAZAR (Quincy, MA), 04/24/2018

I live in an area where it rains off and on all summer long, so it's pretty common to get hit with a storm. Most of the time we just have to work around it. When it gets bad we knock off for a while, until it tapers off. If it comes back, just rinse and repeat.

- ERIK WOLFE (Sacramento, CA), 06/02/2018

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