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If you haven't run across this problem yet, tHere's a good chance that you will at some time in the future. You tear off a roof that has been damaged by hail or wind, and when you replace the roof, you install the job to code, i.e. installing dripedge, sheathing, vents, etc. These were not items listed on the original estimate, but you assume that the insurance company will pay for them on the supplement. As the football announcer Lee Corso says: Not so fast my friend! Some insurance providers Don't offer Code Upgrades. It is just a way for them to sell their products for cheaper. Most homeowners Don't know what Code Upgrades are, let alone if their policy covers them. So what We'recommend is having a discussion with your clients about how it is to be paid. If the insurance doesn?t cover the costs, who will pay for it, you or the homeowner? We have paperwork that we offer to our clients to help them make sure they are covered. It is just one of the many services offered by our company, to make sure you, the contractor, get paid every dime that is owed to you. When It's minor repairs, really, It's no big deal. What we are worried about are those big jobs, where It's something you didn't know or expect. When you tear off a wood shake roof, you expect to have to re-sheath the deck. But when you take off an asphalt shingled roof, and discover there is a solid one by, with more than a quarter inch gap, do you make the minor repairs to bring it to code, or do you re-sheath the entire deck? It all depends on the homeowner?s policy. If they have Code Upgrades included in their policy, then It's a no-brainer, you re-sheath the entire deck. Don't ever assume that they have Code Upgrades! If they Don't have Code Upgrade available, then you have to have the conversation with your homeowner. Do they want it done the right way, and pay the money to have it re-sheathed, or just do the minimum needed to bring it to code?
Category: Roofing Post By: JIMMY BARNES (Gary, IN), 02/05/2018

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