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We went to a seminar yesterday for television advertising. In our area there are no local roofing company?s doing this type of advertising. They want to give us some prime time spots on the local news, a 3 minute interview that runs three times a week, and a bunch of other spots. Long story short, this would run us $3,500 a month and a 12 month contract would be signed. We already use print ads, radius marketing (This works for us so far), the trucks are lettered, job signs, etc. I personally spoke to a window guy that is in our area about his t.v. Commercials. He told me that they sell on a top level as far as there windows goes, and that his commercials have tripled his business. They have been in business for 50 years with 10 of that doing commercials. That tells me that for 40 years they remained small but profitable. Again, 40+ years to grow his business and it wasn?t until they went to t.v. That they grew as a company instead of a 5 man band. I am not out to be a millionaire, but do like the lifestyle that we have for ourselves. It'seems that in our market in Northern Ohio there are now 10 hack companies to 1 real company and not just a paper company. I need to get some more market share to pay for our overhead for the year. The current marketing plans just aren?t providing enough leads to sustain what we have. What are your thoughts about advertising and the best dollar for dollar return? My body is already falling apart from working 20 years in this business and I Don't have another 40 to keep growing this slowly. I am trying to stay within the 7 rule. Thanks
Category: Roofing Post By: SHAWN SULLIVAN (Lynchburg, VA), 02/12/2018

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