Forum Title: What do you dislike doing the most?
Like any job there are tasks that we all like more than others. What things do you dislike doing? I‚m not a fan of anything that has to do with cleanup. No matter if it‚s at a job site or at home. I‚m much better at making a mess than cleaning one up.
Category: Roofing Post By: TOM CHEN (Vallejo, CA), 01/06/2018

The thing I hate most is getting out of my air conditioned truck. I get it so ice cold in there. Then the heat hits me in the face like a sauna. It makes me want to go back in my truck and take another nap.

- FREDERICK LYNCH (Harrisburg, PA), 03/20/2018

I hate working in wet weather. In the summer it almost always at some point starts to rain. It starts off as a sprinkle and then sometimes it downpours in a matter of seconds. Then you're stuck working in wet clothes until the sun dries you. Not comfortable at all.

- RALPH MORGAN (Abilene, TX), 04/05/2018

I hate being wet also. By the sound of things you live in a pretty wet place. I‚m not sure I‚d like that. It‚s not overly rainy here. But, we do get our fair share of thunderstorms.

- AUDREY SANTOS (Waukegan, IL), 04/28/2018

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