Forum Title: Will the customer make the right decision???
This is a perfect example of what we‚??ve been talking about. I got a call from a buyer who was purchasing a house in a short sale. He wanted a price from me to change the roof from shingles to 5-V metal. Because the shingles were in good condition, he was given the option of installing the metal over the shingles. Ideally, the shingles and felt should be torn off to upgrade the deck attachment and to install a secondary waterproofing barrier but that will increase the cost by about $4K. I e-mailed the bid the same day I looked at it and heard back from the buyer within 24 hours. The buyer (now the owner) got a second price from another roofer who uses all uninsured and unlicensed guest workers (I'migration status unknown). The other roofer has been having supply problems (because he hasn‚??t paid his suppliers) and his residential jobs are routinely taking him 2 or more months to complete (instead of two or three days). Anyway, I got a call from the owner who said he was leaning towards the 5-V over the shingles (Recovery instead of the Re-Roof). The following day the owner called and told me that I was $2K more than the other roofer (whom had only given him a verbal quote). I explained that my bid included the cost of workers compensation insurance but agreed to discount my price by $1,200 (still $800 more than the other quote). The following day, I received an e-mail at 6:28 PM telling me that he wanted me to do the job. Then at 6:35 PM the same day, I received another e-mail that he was reconsidering because the verbal quote from the other contractor was $800 cheaper and included the tear off and secondary waterproofing barrier (which in my bid was another $4K on top of the $800 more that I was charging). So, today, I got a call from the homeowner who told me that he would like me to do the job but he was leaning towards using the other contractor because he now wanted the roof torn off and my price was $4,800 more than the other bid. He acknowledged that he knew the other contractor‚??s crew was all ‚??No Speaks. I said good luck and to let me know how it turns out. Ten minutes later, he called again and said he had misplaced my estimate and would like me to e-mail another copy. So I did. Should I read anything into the last call? Is he reconsidering my bid, knowing that I‚??m almost $5K more? Will he do the right thing? Time will tell. BTW, This homeowner just sold his company in Michigan for $25 Million so I assume he‚??s not broke.
Category: Roofing Post By: CAROLE DANIEL (Lake Charles, LA), 03/05/2018

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